2013. március 4., hétfő

Lima, Peru

After arriving late the night before, we woke up to a brilliant sunny and warm morning in Lima and very soon we were on the mission to discover the city centre and the coastal districts. At night it's not really wise to wander a couple of blocks away from the main walking street but on this day we didn't even remember Gabor's stories about mugged and robbed people so started sightseeing with great joy.

Boring day for some.. 

 Cathedral, during Sunday mass

Chapel of Santa Isabel de Hungria

Conquistador Francisco Pizarro's tomb

 We still make new friends every day.. police officers no exception

 We were just about the walking street in the city centre when strange noise emerged from the distance...

 A carneval!

Dancing and singing...

Throwing flour everywhere and at everyone including the only four tourists in the street..

Lima's coastal area is nice, but not the beach itself.. not for the faint hearted 

And then, in this pretty park we noticed a bunch of elderly sitting chatting and yes, singing of course. 

 .. the mood lifted very quickly and these old dogs started a fiesta

 ..meanwhile the younger generation checked out the big white giant  

 ..and the couples slowly started to dance with a character

 ..told you..

 ..now everyone was dancing...

 ..and of course that includes Koppány :)

La fiesta!

What happened after this Koppány will tell in the next blog post! 

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